Chicken and rib combo barbecue today to support Fredonia museum

The Telecommunications Museum of Fredonia in its new location at 44 Temple St. Fredonia is holding an annual favorite Chicken and Rib combo barbecue dinner as its annual fundraiser today to support the modernization and other programs of this now 10-year-old museum. Being served from 4 to 7 p.m. (or until sold out, which happens quickly), this is one of the best meal deals going. It is $10 at the door. Water/pop/desserts and a 50-50 raffle are also available for a small fee. Patrons may take dinners home, to the Park to enjoy the activities of the Fredonia History Days events, or eat at one of the picnic tables on site. The Museum is just a short block away from the Park and all its happenings.

The Telecommunications Museum of Fredonia celebrated the opening of its new location last December and is rapidly becoming well known as a great place to visit. New displays have been created along with interactive exhibits. The completely volunteer Museum Board is working on more interactive exhibits. The museum will be open during the barbecue, so guests can plan to take a quick tour and make arrangements to come back again for a more in-depth one. There is so much to see inside.

Children fortunate enough to be part of the Fredonia Summer Recreation program will have the opportunity to visit as one of their special activities. But, there is more to be seen than can be taken in just one visit, so return trips are recommended.