Pomfret Zoning Board hears plan to bring business to residence

After a fire that destroyed West Wind Archery and Taxidermy in mid-March, owner Robert Noody decided to move his business home.

Noody discussed his plan on building a two-story addition for his business to the Pomfret Zoning Board of Appeals during a public hearing meeting.

“This is my home,” Noody said. “I love the neighborhood; otherwise I would be trying to buy a house with an out-building. The neighbors are the reason why we decided to build and not move.”

The building would attach to his house on Webster Street with the first floor being the taxidermy studio. This is the first part of a two-step phase.

Noody explained the type of work that would be done in the studio to the board, which will include tanning through a pressure tanner and mounting of the animal for customers.

“As of last year, I had 80 deer came in, so that would be 80 gallons worth of the tanning chemical,” Noody said. “The tanning chemical is acidic. It does not have alum or carcinogens. What it basically turns into at the end of the tanning process is inert, decomposable and salt water because of the salt that is needed for the tanning process.”

He also explained that the fumes from painting would not have any impact at and around the residence. The 1,000 cubic foot per minute vent hood will vent the fumes outside. The fumes, he stated, would dissipate quickly due to the small amount of paint used. He noted the influence of the wind on his decision to vent the fumes.

“I have thought about the prevalent wind and where it will be going,” Noody said. “I have thought about extending that outside of the house just above the roof line so we don’t have any fumes coming into the rooms. I’m waiting to see how the wind is going to go around the house.”

The board voiced potential concerns with regard to disposal of wastes and odor. Noody stated that wastes are bagged up and disposed properly so the neighbors and he have no issue with odors. Another concern that the board noted was a big tree and forsythia bushes to the right of the driveway that could obscure the view of customers coming in and out.

Noody told the board that he is planning to expand the width of his driveway and install flood lights onto the building.

Raymond Lewandowski expressed his concern with a sign going up on his residence along Webster Road. From Ellicott Road to Webster Road, and all the way back to Fredonia-Stockton Road, there is one sign on the corner of Stone Road and Webster Road, according to Lewandowski.

“If we allow you to put your sign up closer to the road, then I think other people might come along and want to put up a sign,” Lewandowski said. “That road is so nice to drive down and not see a lot of signs.”

Noody responded by stating that a business needs some sort of signage at the road. He just finished a new logo and thought 3 feet by 4 sign would work.

“It’s not going to be big and it’s not going to be obtrusive,” Noody said. “I understand driving down the road and not seeing signs is nice. But as for a business, you have to be able to support business at least with one sign on the property.”

Discussion between the board and Noody ended, and the next step for is to remove the bushes and tree from his residence along with retrieving a sign permit.

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