Ripley School Board OKs contracts

RIPLEY – Some Ripley school employees have a new contract in place.

The Ripley Central School Board of Education recently approved contracts with the Civil Service Employees Association and the Ripley Educational Association at its July meeting.

Board member Ted Rickenbrode said that negotiations went well with a lot of cooperation on all sides. “People at the table negotiated with us and we came up with these contracts quite quickly and quite efficiently in my opinion,” he said.

Both contracts are for three years. The contract with the REA allows a pay increase of 3.36 percent the first year, followed by 3.31 and 3.25 percent increases successively.

Rickenbrode said the increases represented a $1,200 flat increase each year plus a 1.48 percent cost-of-living adjustment. There was no change in health care, except for newly hired employees. The contract also stipulates that teaching assistants be present on informational days, he said.

The contract with the CSEA calls for a 2.78 percent pay increase the first year, followed by 2.33 and 2.16 percent increases the two years after that, Rickenbrode said. While the contract increases pay, it also includes a “give-back” on health benefits, he said.