Compliments can start a chain reaction

I can’t believe only a week has gone by since my last column. So much has happened! We had the Valone family picnic Saturday. My father-in-law only had one brother. His brother never had any children. But I guess my father-in-law took seriously his job of prolonging the family name. He had 10 children and they all did well although no one has 10 children, or even five these days. We totaled 61 people at the picnic. They are great! Marrying into that family was the best decision I ever made. Choose your in-laws wisely!

Well every year my nieces, the Rotunda girls, spend a few days with me to visit all their Fredonia friends. Of course, every year the group is smaller and smaller. It’s that way with all of us. On Friday, we had brunch at Bob Evans. Just as we were leaving, Gerte fell. The manager called the ambulance and they admitted her into the hospital. I’m telling you all of this because we have compliments for the staff who work on dialysis. Gerte’s roommate has been on dialysis for 13 years and she has been in four different hospitals and the nurses who took care of her in Brooks were the best she has ever had! Isn’t that great to hear? Why is it so easy to criticize and so hard to give compliments?

Recently, I told a young girl I was introduced to that she had beautiful skin and I was in the cosmetic business so that was a big compliment. Later her mother thanked me and said it meant a lot to her. I was so pleased. All three of us felt good about it.

Do you find it difficult to compliment people? You know old folks like to hear how sharp their minds are or how few wrinkles they have. Don’t be a phony, but if you’re thinking something nice, don’t be afraid to spill it out. Women, you should be good at this. Start practicing now, ladies. It’s so rewarding. You have to be careful who and what you say to different people. For example, you can say to a young man, “what good manners you have! My compliments to your parents”. This will apply to young girls, too. You can say to women of all ages things like, “How beautifully your jewelry complements your clothes. It adds so much to make you look fashionable!” Or maybe you notice shoes. You can compliment both men and women how their shoes add so much to complete their fashion look.

Maybe you notice waistlines or belts. Whatever draws attention in a good way, speak up. You’ll make someone feel good and that will make you feel good. Remember – you’ll feel good when you make others feel good. You can’t go wrong. There’s so much good you can do if you use the tongue wisely.

I’ve heard the saying “the tongue is the smallest organ in the body, and yet it can do the most harm.”That can be scary! Yet you are in control. It’s only harmful if you allow negative, hurtful words to come out, but today we talked about using the tongue to say positive things that will make people feel better. You can start a beautiful chain reaction. Just think about what a difference you can make! If you feel better, you will smile more. That will make others smile more and feel better. It’s contagious! On the other hand, a sourpuss does just the opposite. We have grave responsibilities, but we’re in charge!

Have a great life and help others to have better lives too! Isn’t life great?