Park fails with longtime user

A warning to anyone who has rented or was thinking about renting the private firemen’s grounds at Point Gratiot. I have rented the grounds for many years for various occasions: sometimes even multiple times during the course of a season. I have never been so disappointed and disgusted as I am right now.

I recently found out that the date we have been penciled in for since two years ago was rented right out from underneath us with no warning from the person handling the rentals. We only stumbled across the information because our invites were sent out and one of our reunion attendees happened to mention to a friend the date of our event and she proceeded to tell our family member that they were having their family reunion the same day as us at the firemen’s grounds too.

This is not a two-event location! The current person in charge of handling the rentals is very unprofessional and should learn how to appropriately handle the scheduling of said grounds. When you have a returning customer penciled in for a specific weekend each year for the next five years and you have repeatedly told that customer that they can pay for the rental when it is convenient for them up until the date of the event because you know they are good for it, wouldn’t it be common courtesy to notify that customer of a change in policy and give them the opportunity to pay before you rent the grounds out from underneath them?

You handled the whole situation very unprofessionally and poorly. Then when I called her to find out what happened and how we could fix this you had no explanation as to why I wasn’t called prior to renting it to someone else & then hung up on me.

I will never rent the grounds again as long as you are handling the scheduling and I will never recommend the grounds to anyone for future events as I have in the past. The officials for the firemen’s grounds should really consider hiring a new scheduler for your grounds before you lose other customers!

So before you consider renting the grounds for your next event, make sure you do not trust anything you are told and get everything in writing and all receipts before you end up like my family with nowhere to have your event and having to scramble to change locations after the invites are mailed.

Henry DiLorenzo is a Dunkirk resident.