Lawless leaders full of excuses

I’m really tired of hearing our self-serving politicians – and there are a lot of them! – state that we are a country of immigrants.

Let’s get specific with the truth – legal immigrants, not illegal. And skip the “undocumented” label! Illegals are being permitted by this administration to cross our southern border with impunity!

The Democratic Party seems to think these people will continue to keep the Democratic Party in power; that will probably happen, especially since hand-outs (from the hard-working American citizens) will make them wards of the state.

These handouts assure that these people will not reach their potential as functioning, thinking human beings, but as a “kept” population to vote for self-serving politicians!

Our republic is in grave danger at this time. Obama acts more like a banana republic dictator than a responsible adult. He runs the government from positions of indifference to incompetence.

When a crisis occurs, he goes from fund-raising on one of his favorite toys, Air Force One, to a golf course with another of his favorite toys, golf clubs. He appears indifferent to the crisis at our southern border which has some referring to him as “The Coyote in Chief.”

His appointment of Eric Holder as attorney general is hard to understand. Holder told the states’ attorneys-general, “If you don’t like a law, don’t enforce it.” When did Holder get the right to repeal laws? The avoidance of truth or lying, appears to be endemic to this administration “if you like your doctor and health plan, you can keep them.”

The overstepping of legal boundaries is prevalent in this administration. The murders at Benghazi, the NSA spying on citizens and foreign leaders, the IRS refusing to grant tax-exempt status to those who might aid in the defeat of Obama – all of these things are eroding our Constitution.

By this time it’s pretty clear that Obama is trying to change this country to conform to the social welfare states of Europe, which are going into bankruptcy. But unleashing and encouraging illegalities throughout the land will, hopefully, destroy those who promulgate such stupidity!

Elizabeth A. Woll is a Pomfret resident.