Pine Valley sees changes in board leadership

SOUTH DAYTON – The Pine Valley Board of Education has had some changes in leadership. The board recently elected a new president, swore in new members and an administrator in charge was named.

Newly elected board members Rex Butcher, Angelo Graziano and Steve Raiport and student board member Danielle Bennett all took the oath of office. Butcher was also elected board of education president while Larry Zollinger was elected as vice president.

With the resignation of Superintendent Pete Morgante, the district will search for a new superintendent and will name an interim superintendent during the search process. While Morgante still holds the position until July 31, he is utilizing vacation time. BOCES Superintendent David O’Rourke suggested the district appoint an administrator in charge until an interim superintendent is found. The board of education approved Elementary Principal Scott Burdick to fill this role.

“Since Pete is still our superintendent but not physically here, we need a point person,” District Clerk Debbie Hooker said.

The board of education will meet with O’Rourke in executive session today at 7 p.m., to discuss the superintendent vacancy.

The board of education also accepted a resignation from newly elected board member Montgomery Sticek. The board of education will accept applications through Aug. 29 to fill the vacant seat. A letter of intent may be sent to Debbie Hooker, District Clerk, 7755 Route 83, South Dayton, NY 14138.

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