Town’s Willow Road bridge needs repair

The Dunkirk Town Board may soon have a solution to its leaky road under the bridge problem.

At a recent town board meeting, officials announced water, road and pump problems.

Supervisor Richard Purol said he spoke with Chautauqua County officials about fixing part of Willow Road.

“I think a 12-inch pipe would work,” he said.

Purol and his fellow board members need to decide how they are going to fix the road.

“If we push it then it will be too expensive,” he said. “We need to think about how we are going to handle part of the road being closed, and for how long.”

Purol mentioned the water is pouring on the west side of the bridge.

“I have never seen that happen before,” he said.

Councilman Henry Walldorff believes this problem needs to be intercepted before it reaches the town hall.

“I really want this done before fall gets here,” he said.

“We have to do it ourselves,” Purol agreed. “This is our project. We may need to open it up and fix it, then put the blacktop back on top of it. We are looking at 120 feet. We can probably do this in one day.”

The board needs a permit to work on the road.

“There is a lot to do,” Purol said. “We have to notify the fire department how to respond to calls, and we need people to know the road will be closed.”

Purol noted if the board is “going to be stuck” with the town hall they need to look at everything that needs to be done first.

Concerns are growing over the Carriage House closing; Purol is worried the board “will be stuck with this around their neck.”

“The pump needs to be run at least once a month,” he said about the water pump, which feeds the industrial section. “We are doing the best we can with what we have. I don’t want people to think we are neglecting it.”

“My biggest concern is that pump needs to be run,” he continued. “We paid for the pump test, and we are responsible for the industrial district.”

Fredonia wants to put up a 180-foot tower at the water plant. Purol said this stunned him, because it is the first he has heard of it.

“It is still in the town of Dunkirk,” he said. “We need some more communication about this. We will get the code enforcement officer to check into it. This took everyone by surprise here.”

Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro advised the board to be cautious.

“I am not familiar with this outfit at all,” he said. “We need to get more information.”