Local vendors encouraged to register on online bid system

FALCONER – Chautau-qua County has officially announced its joining of the Empire State Purchasing Group, an e-procurement system from BidNet that delivers convenient, and centralized online access to bid opportunities.

Chautauqua County becomes the 164th local government agency to join the Empire State Purchas-ing Group. Part of BidNet’s national e-procurement solution, Empire State Purchasing Group connects 2,513 departments from 164 local agencies and provides a bid system for vendors looking to do business with local government.

BidNet’s e-procurement solutions include purchasing systems strategically located throughout the United States. The e-procurement solution provides over 950 local government agencies with a purchasing and vendor management solution through its online bid systems.

Chautauqua County en-tered into an agreement with the Empire State Purchasing Group on June 18, 2014, offering its vendors instant access to RFPs, quotes, addendum and award information.

Chautauqua County encourages all local vendors to join to receive access to these bid opportunities. Vendors who register can receive real-time notification of bids, RFPs, quotes, addenda, awards and advanced notice of term contract expiration. Registered vendors receive customized solicitations matched to their products and services by all participating agencies on the bid system. Chautauqua County invites all of its vendors to register on the bid system, www.empirestatebidsystem.com, or call BidNet’s e-procurement solution live support, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“We have been searching for an efficient solution geared toward simplifying our purchasing process while also providing greater service and benefits for our local vendors with such features as centralized bid opportunities, automatic notifications and increased exposure to buyers of their products – Empire State Purchasing Group is our answer,” said Tracy France, Purchasing Agent. “Through the Empire State Purchasing Group, our agency will save time, money and resources by modifying the manual bid process.