PROPOSAL: Making mountain out of a molehill

We have often chuckled over how county municipalities continue to work hard on going their separate ways – for their own benefit – when they really need each other more than they let on.

Take the village of Fredonia, for instance. Even though it does not want to work closely with Pomfret, its water reservoir is in the town. Even with its treatment plant, which is located in the town of Dunkirk, there are issues.

Most recently, a 180-foot tower with a camera was requested – at a Fredonia Village Board meeting – by the U.S. border patrol. The problem with the request? No one had notified the town regarding its placement.

“It is still in the town of Dunkirk,” said town Supervisor Richard Purol. “We need some more communication about this. We will get the code enforcement officer to check into it. This took everyone by surprise here.”

Oh boy. One more petty issue to address – due to too many local governments – when the real issues of the day – high taxes, unfriendly business climates and overspending – sit on the shelf and collect dust.