Cassadaga residents want answers

CASSADAGA – The latest flooding took out roadways, backed up traffic, and caused drainage problems in the village of Cassadaga.

Residents came to speak their mind at a recent Cassadaga Village Board meeting.

“There was a drainage issue during the last storm, which flooded my basement,” Laurie Haggstrom said. ” I have lived there 11 years and never had this problem. The water was coming down across the road. The drain is outdated; we were lucky this time, but I have never seen the water like that, it was like a flash flood.”

Haggstrom told the board she can’t be nervous every time it starts raining.

“It is a mud pit up there,” the 18 Frisbee Road resident said. “It is going to get a lot worse.”

Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony said her phone was ringing off the hook for several hours when the flood hit.

“My parents’ home got flooded by the creek, too,” she said. “We will discuss this.”

Department of Public Works Superintendent Tom Fetter added the county is aware of the problem and is looking to cut into the ditch so the water has someplace to go.

Maria Behrns approached the board looking for an update on her 40 Park Ave. residence, which was recently condemned due to the septic tank.

“My attorney was informed about the repair work on the rotted septic tank,” she said. “They cut me off because two lines can’t go into one septic tank. The septic tank might date back to 1958, but should be grandfathered in like the trailer.”

Lazarony told Behrns she can’t use the water in her trailer.

“You can use your property as long as it is not a residence,” she said. “The water can’t go down the drain. You would have to bring water to cook outside, and you can’t shower or use the toilet.”

Lazarony warned her if she used the water the health department would kick her off the property for good.