Robertson not always helping taxpayer

I am writing this letter in response to a recent letter attacking Congressman Tom Reed. I am stunned by the lack of responsibility and context within which the information was presented.

Fiscal responsibility is a little-used term in the Martha Robertson camp. This is most likely because the phrase draws attention to the nearly 60 percent spending increase that she piled onto the taxpayers of Tompkins County. Martha has doubled property taxes and voted to raise her salary four times. That, fused with the new $110,000 walnut desk she gladly paid for with taxpayers money as part of a $1.2 million renovation to the Tompkins County Legislature, is not only not fair and blatantly irresponsible but clearly reflects little concern for the taxpayers in her county.

Reed supports the repeal of Obamacare and it’s more than $700 billion in cuts to Medicare. Yes, Medicare Advantage is a part of the Medicare system (Part C). Advantage provides access to procedures and services that are not covered by Medicare Parts “A” and “B” through government approved private options. More than 1.1 million people in the state of New York alone rely on the benefits provided by this program. In perspective, one quarter of all Medicare enrollees nationwide also benefit from Medicare Advantage. The proposed cuts to this very popular program mean that many seniors will lose their access to the plan they rely on.

Robertson believes that Obamacare doesn’t reach far enough. I believe she would love to see the U.S. engage in a single-payer system. That is, a complete government-run health care system whose costs I believe would become unaffordable, damage the quality of care and eventually destroy our health care system.

We’ve already seen what his type of system has done to our veterans. Yes, that’s right, the veterans who suffered and died waiting for treatment in Phoenix did so at the feet of government controlled health care. My family knows the incredible pain of losing its sons protecting our freedom. I can’t imagine the pain of those whose loved one’s returned but then lost them to government negligence and incompetence! If single-payer doesn’t work on this comparatively small scale, how can we trust government to take care of the entire nation? Do we really want government controlling one-third of our economy? Seventeen million dollars of debt will pale compared to where Robertson and those of her ilk want to take us.

Robertson puts not only freedom to govern your health at risk, but also your Second Amendment rights. Though her campaign likes to note that she is opposed to the SAFE Act, they would like you to forget that she voted in favor of legislation supporting the SAFE Act only to flip flop on her decision at a later date. Obviously, politically motivated and not one of conviction.

Reed, an avid sportsman himself, has consistently defended your Second Amendment rights and fights to ensure legislation like the SAFE Act isn’t enacted at a federal level. Reed understands the second amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights so we as a people can protect ourselves from government tyranny. He will continue to fight for your rights, not just pander for your vote. I’m sure Reed would agree with me that we should trust the judgment of Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the other founding fathers rather than Robertson and her cohorts.

Reed is one of the most accessible members in Congress. He is involved in individual communities, holding town hall meetings, and going out of his way to help any individual who asks a minute of his time. He is a man of the people, a man born and raised in the 23rd district. Robertson is a textbook, self-important, ultra liberal who believes that global warming is a bigger threat to New York than staggering unemployment rates, excessive taxes and regulations.

I have spent well over 30 years working in government trying to bring sensible and cost effective government. I have watched as government professionals and electeds with the same philosophies as Martha Robertson and those of her ilk have brought us to the verge of bankruptcy and deteriorated the fabric of the Republic. The choice is in your hands. Get out and vote this November.

Raymond P. Case is a Waverly resident.