Policing: Status quo is unsustainable

A study of law enforcement in the largest county city is worthy of this area’s attention. It calls for a possible merger of the Jamestown Police Department with the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department.

One of the greatest concerns in the proposal, of course, is the level of service the city would be receiving from the combined force. Since the current model is unsustainable, says the Center for Governmental Research study, a consolidation of the two forces may be in the best interest of Jamestown residents.

“There would be a (Jamestown Police Department) for a number of years,” said Len Faulk, co-chair of a committee looking at the plans. “The current police officers would (stay on the job until they retire). After a certain time, no more JPD officers will be hired … and they will be replaced by sheriff’s deputies.”

Another option for a metropolitan force, which would combine Jamestown with Lakewood-Busti and Ellicott, is another proposal.

Currently, Dunkirk and Fredonia police work well together. A possible metro force in the north county also deserves a look.

Any takers?