4-H members show talent at County Fair hog show

Monday evening’s 4-H activities provided entertainment in the Warren K. Brown Show arena.

In the livestock arena, squeals of excitement were heard from the hogs and youth, and a few of the spectators as they participated in Swine Market, Breeding and Showmanship Classes.

Doug Koontz of Pennsylvania is currently judging junior livestock shows throughout central Pennsylvania and has judged the NY State Fair Market and Showmanship classes. He judged the market and breeding classes on breed standards, finish and quality and the showmanship classes on handling and presentation.

The Showmanship classes consisted of three divisions and 77 youth. Senior Showman, being the most experienced showman, ended with Patrick Kibbe in first and Madison Styers in second.

Among the Junior Showmanship class, Lilly Underberg took first and Jacob Lesch took second.

Lastly was the First Year Junior Showman class. In first was Ella Underberg and in second was Lydia Covert.

Earning the Division Champion and Reserve Titles also earned these participants entrance in the Champion Showman class. Patrick Kibbe earned the Grand Champion Showman title for 2014. Reserve Grand Champion went to Madison Styers.

Following the showmanship class was the market hog show. The market classes are divided into weight classes.

The first weight class was the 220-229 pound class which was won by Adam Lesch and followed by Jaiden Huntington in second.

Next was the 230-239 pound class. In first was Braden Lesch and in second was Patrick Kibbe.

After that was the 240-249 pound class which saw Lilly Underberg in first and Hannah Schauman in second.

The 250-259 pound class followed with Gabrielle Tremblay in first and Kayla Schauman took second.

In the weight range of 260-270 pounds, winners were Lilly Underberg who took first place and in second was Kelsie Jackson.

The last class was the heaviest hogs with a weight range of 270-280 pounds. Michael Kibbe took first place and in second was Branden Decker.

Champion and Reserve Market Hogs from each weight class compete for the Grand Champion Market Hog title. Michael Kibbe won this honor and Lilly Underberg received the Reserve Grand Champion award.

4-H Market Hog winners earned more than ribbons and trophies. These placings help 4-H members earn a sale position in the Meat Animal Sale scheduled for Friday at noon. Grand and Reserve market animals earn the first and second slots in the hog portion of the Meat Animal Sale.

Other 4-H members that have multiple animals in the 4-H Market Hog Project are required to sell only their top placing animal.

4-H Hog Project members work many hours preparing their animals for show and sale.

To help show your support of Chautauqua County 4-H you can attend the 2014 4-H Meat Animal Sale on Friday at noon.

To get more information or fair passes to attend the sale, call Emily Kidd at 450-3124.