Twenty years ago – 1994

Busti-Lakewood Police Lt. John R. Bentley II, eldest son of the late Chautauqua County Sheriff, has accepted the Republican nomination for the job his late father held for more than 20 years. Although he had initially declined to be a candidate soon after his father’s death, the abrupt withdrawal of Republican candidate Lt. John Runkle from the race changed the whole situation.

Thirty years ago – 1984

The lucky grand prize winners at the grand opening of the new Tops Friendly Market on Vineyard Drive in Dunkirk were Mr. and Mrs. Warren Beyer and family who were congratulated by Tops Manager Mark Glowski. They won the mini car from Old Milwaukee Beer. Among the other winners were Lori Carlson, Peter Moldenhauer, Darlene Fedyszyn, the Franklin Family, Santa DiPasquale, Gerie Leone, Thelma Hilliker, Helen Benson, Robin Zentz and Sylvia Dahn.

Forty years ago – 1974

Dr. Young Man Kim has opened a private medical practice in the Russo Building in downtown Fredonia.

Fifty years ago – 1964

Donald Cato of Fredonia is the new premium champion of the horticulture department at the Chautauqua County Fair in Dunkirk.