Time is life

This morning (Wednesday) I asked myself, “What am I going to write about?” Did you ever stop to think that time is life? The sum total of how you spend your time makes your life? If that’s true, maybe we can find out some of the answers to why our lives are so different today and how they are the same.

I remember that dancing was a big part of my life. My family used to tell me I danced before I walked. They’d put me on the table and they’d tell me to dance. I always danced. As I got older, I danced every weekend at St. Anthony’s Hall. We always danced at home. All of us danced. Sometimes it was to the music on the radio. Sometimes the music came from the victrola. We bought records. We knew the words to all the songs. We bought song sheets, so we always had music to sing or dance to. We had a happy home. My father had a great voice. My mother couldn’t carry a tune. Fortunately, we took after my father.

We had dances and proms at school. I hope they still have them. We used to go dancing weekends. Can you still go dancing on a date? Can the White Inn afford to have dancing? Would it improve their business? I’d love to glide across a dance floor one more time!

We used to be involved in sports, too, mostly in schools. That’s if you were good enough to get on a team. We were always busy.

We had chores at home, too. We used to wash and wipe dishes and we sang while we did that. Weekends we cleaned the whole house. When I look back, we had a combination of work and play. That’s a good combination.

I have no idea what kids do today. I know we used to walk a lot to school and we studied in study halls. I did all my homework in study hall so I would be free for the evening. We had good habits and we still had respect for institutions and elders. For example, we were told to be good in school or we’d get the rest when we got home. They helped out the teachers.

When my niece Judy was practice teaching, her students would threaten her with, “I’ll call my lawyer!”

We had respect for the law. If you got a record, you couldn’t get a job. We had respect for the government. Now all we hear is they are going to impeach the president! What happened?

How do kids spend their time? I think of all the time they spend on their computers. Is this exercise? Is it good for the body? Is it good for the brain? Do we have a good balance of physical, spiritual and brain food?

Parents, teachers and educational leaders should examine the way students are spending their time. Get together and mix their time with exercise, fun and work. It’s always a good formula.

I’m so glad I grew up when I did! Can we help out? Is it too late to save some of our babies?

I still say, “have a great life!”!