Savings are drop in bucket

When you look at the big picture, area governments and school districts are cash cows. Combining the budgets of every operation – 63 when including the county – taxpayers contribute more than $500 million to those entities.

If you want to take that further, that is about $3,717 in cost for each county resident. Some may think that amount is a good deal, but we know that everyone who lives in this county does not pay taxes.

In an attempt to alleviate some of this $500 million burden, a meeting touting shared services was held in Mayville earlier this month to find efficiencies to allow our county to reap the benefits of staying under the tax cap.

By county accounts, it was fairly successful. About 90 elected and appointed officials from schools and governments attended and the county is taking the lead on a $1.1 million plan for savings to the tax levy.

That seems like a good chunk of money. Until you consider the big picture – the more than $500 million cost of running all these governments.

And don’t tell us we don’t all pay a high price for this dysfunctional system. When Forestville cried poor, everyone in the county had to pay for their lack of detail and spending mistakes.

Should we celebrate a countywide savings of $1.1 million if it happens next year? Absolutely.

But we must not forget the big picture. That savings represents 0.22 percent of all the government and school district spending in the county – a puddle in comparison to Lake Erie.

It may be a start at government efficiency, but even this success proves there’s still a long, long way to go.