Get ready to be hit up for more


The question of the day is why do welfare recipients receive tax refunds from the federal government?

At the end of the year, if they are not working, that money is not theirs to claim. It is a handout from the taxpayers of this country.

It is the taxpayers’ money, not theirs, so why are they receiving those refunds? There are no taxes withheld from welfare checks because no taxes are owed.

The only way they could be eligible for tax refunds ,according to the welfare system, is if there is a child involved. Other tax credits could result in a refund such as: sales tax, gas tax, phone, utilities, cigarettes taxes and alcohol taxes, cab fare and airport taxes.

No matter how you look at this mess, it is still free money from the taxpayers. So if that money is not earned, how can there be any refunds?

Am I missing something or am I still baffled by this whole mess? If you can figure this thing out, let me know. It’s obvious our political leaders sure don’t know either. If they did, they wouldn’t give our money away like candy.

No wonder this government is broke now. We have an influx of illegals. I am sure the American taxpayers will take a huge hit on this problem.

All those years our government knew our borders were not protected properly but again our government did nothing. Only now, after this crisis is known, will they try to do something. Only after the horse is out of the barn. Try to catch it.

The American citizens are going to pay dearly for this government blunder – big time. What a mess! Now more people will be on welfare. Where is the money coming from? Let me guess.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.