Agriculture: Finding a place in classroom

One of the biggest economies in Chautauqua County deals with agriculture. From our grapes to dairy farming, it is a major presence some often forget about.

All one has to do is look at last week’s Chautauqua County Fair. Nearly half of the land on the grounds is dedicated to farming and animals.

Recently, a Cornell Cooperative Extension representative attended a Forestville school board meeting to discuss a farm to school program. “Kids get really excited about fresh-grown food they or their neighbors grew,” said Virginia Carlberg, an extension educator. “It exposes them to a healthy way of eating.”

Just as important, it gets students thinking about farming. Two other rural schools – Pine Valley and Sherman – have already taken on this initiative. Both those schools, we might add, have a number of students who have daily duties on farms.

Incorporating farming – and foods – into education makes sense for a number of school districts locally and throughout upstate. If at all possible, Forestville needs to take advantage of this opportunity.