high taxes Another resident gets forced out

A former letter writer to this newspaper wrote a farewell note in The Post-Journal of Jamestown in the middle of last month. He is leaving the area, despite our wonderful neighbors and natural beauty.

He has had it with the regulations.

Jim Walker, formerly of Falconer, had many thumbs down for New York state, which included:

“We have lived under the most oppressive tax burden ever in our lives.

“This is mainly due to too much government and mostly corrupt.

“New York has a strange state constitution. While most state the constitution protects the people from the government in New York, the constitution protects the government from the people. I honestly don’t know how you fix that, I do know you cannot elect candidates that will.”

Walker did not note where he was relocating to, but wherever that may be, the tax burden is likely to be much less. Chautauqua County and New York state remains one of the most unfriendly places to run a business.

To run a government or school, however, most residents – stingy in using their disposable income – are too often pleasantly surrendering their earnings for higher taxes to subsidize the county’s 63 entities.

Another segment, like Walker, have voted with their feet over the last 40 years. How else do you explain our dwindling population?