Done and gone

A calm filtered across the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds Monday as workers packed up tents, took away food carts and cleaned up the barns.

Another banner week at the fair has come to an end.

Chautauqua County Fair President Roy “Mooney” Harrington said the fair went very well this year.

Harrington noted the popular Black Cat Hell Drivers were new this year.

“There haven’t been many around in the last few years,” Harrington said. “They put on a good show.”

The 4-H auction brought in about $190,000 on its 50th anniversary.

“They treat the kids very good,” Harrington said about the bidders.

Everyone likes the fair for different reasons, Harrington added.

“Some come for the rides,” he said. “Some come for the shows.”

The Tractor Pulls had new tractors from Empire State. The Frenzy was a new ride as well.

“We would like to have them all come back next year,” Harrington said. “The girls here at the office do one hell of a job keeping this all together. They make sure every vendor is where they are supposed to be and everyone gets paid. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Harrington is not only saying farewell to a great success, but he is also turning over the president’s keys to someone else who will take pride in a job well done.

All the rides were shipped down to Little Valley Sunday for the Cattaraugus County Fair and by Monday evening all that remained were a few tents and piles of hay.

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