Locals compete at USBC Youth Open Championships recently

CHEEKTOWAGA – Several local bowlers competed at the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Youth Open Championships, which were held July 10 through July 27 at Thruway Lanes, in Cheektowaga.

Fredonia’s Maitland Langworthy, Liz Valvo, Haley Zebraski and Genna Riddle had a linescore of 1,863 in the three-game team event and placed 148th out of 190 teams in the Under-20 Open Division.

“On an individual level, Genna Riddle was able to keep all three of her event scores above 500,” Fredonia coach Tom Battaglia said. “I know she doesn’t realize it, but that’s an impressive feat. I’ve known guys that have been going to the adult open championships for several years that haven’t been able to accomplish that. I would have really liked to have seen what she could have scored had this tournament not been held right in the middle of her off-season.”

The girls bowled on the same lanes used by the Purdue University men’s bowling team, which finished in third place with a score of 2,530. PFC won the event with a pin total of 2,649.

The doubles team of Zebraski and Riddle finished 48th out of 77 teams in the Under-20 girls division with a 946 over three games while Riddle finished the singles event with a 508, which was good enough for 98th place. Zebraski finished in 119th with a 490 set. There were 213 bowlers in the Under-20 girls division.

“I know they are a little disappointed with their performance and think they could’ve bowled better,” Battaglia said. “But bowlers will say that about any event that they don’t win.”

In the All-Events category, which included combined scores from team, doubles and singles events, Riddle finished with a nine-game total of 1,554 (68th of 183 participants) and Zebraski finished with a linescore of 1,324. She finished in 144th place.

“They got better every game they bowled as they became more accustomed to the conditions,” Battaglia added. “Which they won’t see as significant in the whole scheme of things, but I certainly was impressed as they adapted to the conditions.”

Dunkirk’s Brayden Manzella, Ally Clement, Elisha Haase and Brandon Haase rolled a combined 1,793 in the Under-20 Open Division, which placed them at 158 out of 190 teams.

In the doubles event, Clement and Manzella combined for an 833 and finished in 289th out of 30 teams in the Under-20 Open Division. In singles events, Brandon Haase bowled a 517 set in the Under 20 Boys Division, which placed him 294th out of 473. Also in the singles events, Manzella (364th) rolled a 481 while Elisha Haase (457th) bowled a 382 and Ally Clement charted 348 to place 202nd in the Under-20 Girls Division.

In the All-Events scoring, Manzella (300th) rolled a 1,461, Brandon Haase (301st) charted a 1,460, Elisha Haase (373rd) had a 1,189 and Clement finished with a 1,076, which placed her 202nd out of 213 in the Under-20 Girls Division.

Also for Dunkirk, Casey Surma and Dale Lombardo bowled in the doubles and singles events. They had a doubles score of 884, which placed them tied for 64th in the field of 103 teams. The winning score was 1,200.

In singles, Lombardo shot 511 and ended up tied for 69th while Surma shot 500 and was in 78th place. The winning score in the Under-15 singles was 713 and it had a field of 206 bowlers.