Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


JURY SERVICE – Not everyone will agree with the jury’s decision that found Jason Wells guilty of manslaughter and not second-degree murder, but we still should respect their decision. Listening to the vivid details of how someone took someone else’s life is excruciating. The details were hard to hear. Yet the jury, after all that testimony, was able to find a position that all members agreed upon and didn’t rush to judgment. We applaud the jury for taking its time and weighing both sides of the issue.

HORSESHOE CHAMP – Congratulations to Pat Spruce, 53, of Gowanda. He was a winner in the World Horseshoe Tournament, which ran July 14-26 in Hamburg. This makes him one of 11 New Yorkers who are World Champions in the men’s division.

FRESH AIR – We want to applaud the Marsowicz family of Dunkirk. Sara and Jeffrey, along with their 11-year-old son Nicholas, welcomed Sequan Roberts, 9, from New York City to their home here in Western New York. Sequan is part of the Fresh Air program that brings children from the Big Apple to rural and small-town communities to get a different experience of life. This was the Marsowicz family’s first year participating. By all accounts it was a positive one for both the family and Sequan.


EXECUTIVE SESSIONS – Both Pine Valley and Forestville school districts this week have new interim school superintendents. We have nothing against either individual. We are taking issue with the process. In both cases, the school board met in executive session, which is permissible, but then after the executive sessions called for a meeting and appointed the new interim chiefs. If you are planning on making a hire after your executive sessions, you need to notify the public beforehand that you will be holding a public meeting. You can’t just go ahead and have a meeting without the proper notifications. That’s a violation of the Open Meetings Law.