Fredonia School Board approves personnel changes

A few personnel changes were accepted by the Fredonia Board of Education during its recent meeting.

Two resignation letters from Cynthia Hannum, remedial reading teacher, and Roberta Corcoran-Andrasik, English teacher, were approved, both for the purpose of retirement. At the same time, Amy Wheeler was appointed as full-time special education teacher and Nathan Miller took on the position of full-time building maintenance/mechanic at a rate of $11.29 per hour.

Superintendent Paul DiFonzo congratulated the retirees, who he called “outstanding” employees; all three school principals agreed.

“We will miss them, but we wish them well in their retirements,” DiFonzo said.

He also welcomed the two new hires.

A switch in the middle school mathematics instruction leader position also went into effect for the upcoming school year; Karin Snyder will take over that role for the year while Amanda Pacanowski works in a temporary grant position.

Also during the meeting, salaries for confidential employees Stuart Strother and Wendy Heslink were approved. Strother will earn $80,746 and Heslink will make $46,785 for the 2014-15 school year. Both salaries include a budgeted 2.5 percent raise.

A new rental contract between the school district and Erie 1 BOCES went into effect; BOCES is renting three classrooms at the Wheelock School to be used as offices through June 2015. The rental fee comes to $9,912, an increase of 3 percent.