Dunkirk: Lots of worry, still no vision

Expenses were a large part of last week’s Finance Committee gathering in Dunkirk, but at the end of the meeting, Councilman Michael Michalski added some balance to the discussion.

“Our revenues aren’t exactly where they should be and there’s always some type of expense that comes up and needs our attention as well,” he said. “It’s that constant push and pull that we’ve got to manage somehow.”

Any time taxpayers hear or read the revenues are not “where they should be” likely means trouble for the future.

But why might revenues not be where projected?

Let’s see. What is happening that is exciting and has residents and neighbors enthusiastic about the city of Dunkirk when it comes to development?

Is there any private investment coming that is not expected?


Politicians in the city – and other localities – sit around and lament our area’s poor standing and out-of-control expenses. In the meantime, development in the city is nowhere to be found.

We are, obviously, discounting the important NRG Energy Inc. project that will take place. We’ve known about that since last December. The project is moving forward, but it is yesterday’s news.

As for today in Dunkirk, it’s more of the same. The city needs more revenues for its already bloated $22 million in city expenditures. But it has no vision and no concrete plans for the future. It operates on a day-by-day basis.

How can you make for a positive future out of that?