Silver Creek deals with eighth near flood of the year

SILVER CREEK – One of the things Silver Creek is known for is flooding. Saturday marked the eighth flooding event this year, but the creeks did not overflow their banks.

This time, around 2 inches of rain fell in about 40 minutes, inundating old storm sewer drains and manholes.

It was noted the rainfall was exceptional – and a reminder of the 2009 flood that rocked the village five years ago this upcoming Saturday – but eight residents of the Parkway Street and the lower Karen Drive area attended the Silver Creek Village Board meeting to complain of an ongoing storm water issue in their neighborhood.

Gerry Cuthbert said he has experienced a storm water problem with any steady rainfall since 1998, when Karen Drive was regraded.

“It comes down Karen Drive and when it doesn’t go in the drain, it goes in our house,” he said. The Cuthberts lost windows from Saturday’s downpour.

The Cuthberts’ neighbor Jacob Sternisha said every time it rains his front yard and driveway are washed out.

“It’s like a river,” he said. “Any steady rain brings a steady flow of water that pours into my yard and dirt into my driveway, or it puts pressure on a concrete wall until it finds a way into my basement.”

Chad Alfred said there is also a problem with water coming down the sidewalk and leaves and debris clogging drains.

Another neighbor Rose Duggan had sewage back up from a toilet in her basement because of the backflow of storm water.

Nearby resident Amy Chavez called the matter a “health issue.”

“My concern for my neighbors and myself is that water is not going into the drains. It is a health issue; raw sewage is coming into people’s homes. It is an urgent matter,” she said.

Mayor Nick Piccolo said he understands residents’ concerns and that the village is trying to address the inflow and infiltration problem with the sewer system throughout the village.

“We are trying to correct an error that should have been done years ago,” he said.

He explained there are several things wrong with the drainage off of Karen Drive down to Parkway.

Streets Foreman Ralph Crawford suggested a walk through with himself, Piccolo and Water/Sewer Supervisor Herm Griewisch to go over what can be done to correct the issues and meet with residents.

“This problem did not happen overnight and it will not be fixed overnight, but we do want to alleviate residents’ problems,” Piccolo said.

Duggan asked what she can do right now. Griewisch said if she capped the toilet, she shouldn’t have more problems, but further action in her basement is not the responsibility of the village.

On Saturday, the fire department pumped out 17 basements, the fire department removed debris from the street and the water department also responded to residences to help. Piccolo and board members thanked them for their response.

Two residents from Buffalo Street also attended to complain about the Seegert’s Dairy property, which has a collapsed roof and a leaning wall. The owner has until Wednesday to complete demolition before being taken to court. Piccolo said Code Enforcement Officer Linda Defries-Johnson is on top of the issue and he believes action will be taken by the court if the work is not done.

Piccolo reported receiving a complaint from Anna Frederickson about a property line dispute with a neighbor’s fence. He said it is a civil matter for now.

The board will meet again on Sept. 2.