New school teachers hired in Brocton

BROCTON – A number of hirings, including three for open teaching positions, were approved during the Brocton Board of Education’s recent meeting.

Before the board approved the staff changes, High School Principal Jason Delcamp noted a large number of applications were received, making it impossible to interview each and every candidate.

“There’s a lot of qualified applicants out there, a lot of people looking for jobs,” he said. “Unfortunately, we can’t accept everyone and we had criteria to narrow it down so that we could look at applicants that we truly feel will meet the needs of the district and help move it forward.”

Kimberly Wailand will take on the position of grades 6-12 English teacher at a salary of $36,499. Wailand had tenure at another district.

Chelsey Rhodes will become the new secondary business teacher, also at the same salary.

Rounding out the teacher hires, Robert Fetterick Jr. will fill the position of K-12 physical education teacher at $36,499, as well. Fetterick had tenure at another district and will also be the new assistant football coach, bringing eight years of coaching experience with him. He will earn a stipend of $3,008.56 as a coach.

Two additional hires were made during the meeting; William Henris will earn $2,400 for work related to technology readiness for the months of July and August, while Diane Eades will make no more than $15,000 for work related to data entry and retrieval, public relations and grant writing for the upcoming school year.

Eades, who recently retired from her position as business teacher at Brocton, has written various grant applications for the district, many of which have been successful.

Superintendent John Hertlein explained Henris will be getting all of the computers ready for students before they come back for the start of the new school year.

Board member Steven Smith voted against the measure involving Henris.

Also during the meeting, the board accepted the tentative collective bargaining agreement with the Brocton Support Association (for teacher aides), which covers the period from July 2014 through June 2016.

With renovations to the swimming pool completed, the full-time position of director of aquatics K-12 physical education teacher was created by the board.

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