Descendants of Thomas Wayte celebrate 133rd family reunion

Descendants of Thomas Wayte who landed in Boston, Mass. in 1634 celebrated their 133rd family reunion on Saturday, Aug. 2 at the Chautauqua Fireman’s Grounds in Stockton.

President Helen (Waite) Burlett welcomed family members and a visitor, Linda Wenzel of Mississippi.

Sylvia Johnson gave the table blessing and a buffet meal was shared by all.

Meeting was called to order and Treasurer Florence Meacham reported on finances. All current bills were voted to be paid. Meacham was thanked for her years of service. Shelia Wassink was elected to this position. The other offices will remain the same.

Helen Burlett held the memorial service and noted Charlotte Waite Winslow of Falconer, Daughter of Stanley and Doris Waite passed away during 2014 year.

Anna Carpenter Waite’s 91st August birthday was noted.

The theme “Hats Off to the Waite’s” was celebrated under the direction of Della Nickerson, who was the millinery consultant. She shared her decorating ability as well as many feathers and accessories to complete decorating hats.

Annette Waite shared many past clippings of family records along with interesting stories of the Waite family.

Florence Meacham donated a 2014 Waite family personalized blanket which was won by Vicki Waite.

Special thanks to Shelia Wassink, Bonnie Kemp and Sylvia Johnson for designing the Waite flyer which was sent to members for the reunion.

The next reunion on August 1, 2015 reunion will be held at Stockton Firemen’s Grounds at noon, with members bring own tableware, a dish to pass and a donation of $5 per adult.