Road rage results in rear-end ruckus

Rising tempers and aggressive driving allegedly culminated in a rear-end collision and a verbal argument between two drivers on Franklin Avenue in the city of Dunkirk on Wedenesday.

According to Dunkirk Police, Samantha Stokes, 21, of East Courtney Street was charged with following too closely and D.E. Callentine, 31, of Falconer was charged with harassment after the altercation.

Police say Callentine was driving southbound, slower than the speed limit, and kept hitting his brakes in front of Stokes’ vehicle, which was reportedly tailgating.

Around 127 Franklin Ave. at about 4:15 p.m., witnesses told police that Stokes attempted to pass Callentine on the right. Callentine then allegedly cut off Stokes, according to witnesses, and slammed on his brakes, resulting in the accident.

Callentine subsequently got out of his vehicle and reportedly approached Stokes, who opened her car door to get out, as well. Police indicated Callentine grabbed Stokes’ arm in an attempt to pull her out of the vehicle, but Stokes apparently jumped out of her vehicle at the same time. A verbal argument then ensued.

A pregnant woman in Callentine’s vehicle was transported to the hospital, though it is unclear whether this was as a precaution or for some form of injuries.