Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


GIANT TURNOUT – On a sunny Tuesday evening, more than 300 residents from Dunkirk and the rest of northern Chautauqua County attended the celebration for the Whispering Giant’s return to its location on Lake Shore Drive near the city water plant. “We have learned through (sculptor creator Peter Wolf Toth), through his attitude toward this restoration, that nothing is as bad as it seems; anything is possible. With a little hard work and positive thinking we can really do tremendous things in this community,” said Gina Kron, who helped spearhead the restoration by reaching out to Toth last spring.

CITY TRADITION – For the 21st year, Dunkirk took part in National Night Out, which allows residents to interact and meet with members of the law-enforcement department. “This is a time when we can get the community out and talk about crime prevention,” Police Chief David Ortolano said, noting about a dozen officers and several firefighters were on hand for Night Out. “The police officers come out on their own time and get a chance to meet and greet on a positive note with members of the community.”

DERBY DECADE – Our applause for the Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club, which completed its 10th annual walleye derby last weekend. By all accounts from our outdoors writer Gene Pauszek, there was plenty of praise for the event from participants and volunteers are to be saluted for their efforts. By the way, Bob Kaus reeled in a 10.92-pound walleye for the win.


REFUSING TO PAY – Both Hanover and the village of Fredonia look like non-team players when it comes to the region. Both municipalities have not paid their dues to the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp. It is not a significant sum of money, which makes the lack of payment even more petty. We need leadership and communities that work together, not divide.