Twenty-three years later: The Forestville Area Old-Timers

The Forestville and Area Old-Timers baseball team was formed in 1991 by Bob Bradigan and played for 20 years before disbanding in 1991. Members of the original team included, in front from left, Jim Shevlin, Gerry Olsen Sr., Dave Lillie, Bob Arnold Sr. and Pete Krupa Sr. In the second row are Homer Bowker, Mark Bradigan, Don Butcher, Randy Seeley, Ron Gostomski, Vito Botticello, Dale Till, Norm Dix and Dick Bradigan. In back are Harlan Kohler, Larry Youngberg, Jim Muck, Bill Seeley, Mgr. Bob Bradigan, Warren Wolfe, Joe D’Angelo, Nick Piccolo and Al Muck.