New faces welcomed at Forestville Central School

FORESTVILLE – Forestville Central School’s family just got a little bigger.

School board president Sylvester Cleary welcomed Interim Superintendent Dr. Whitney Vantine to the Forestville family at a recent school board meeting.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to the board of education,” Vantine said. “We have had a really good time. I have toured the buildings with the principals and had conversations with the staff.”

Vantine feels he has found a home at Forestville Central.

“I must say the sense of community is powerful,” he said. “It really seems everyone is here for the right reasons. The passion to do what is best for our children first and foremost permeates everything I have seen so far.”

Vantine looks forward to speaking with former Superintendent Charles Leichner.

“I will make sure we get together and share stories,” Vantine said. “It will be good for me to know how things went under his watch.”

New math teacher Kendelle Sutton made an appearance at the board meeting to introduce herself.

“I always think it is wonderful when young professionals come to the board,” Vantine said.

Sutton said she is very excited to be part of the school family.

“I am really happy to have Kendelle here joining our family,” high school principal Patrick Moses said. “There are four things we look for: experience, energy, love for kids and what they do, and most importantly a sense of someone wanting to join the family.”

“Coming from Eden, a smaller district, gives a tight-knit type of feeling, and Kendelle encompasses all four attributes,” Moses continued. “We couldn’t be happier to have her here. We are very excited to see what she can do for us within our classroom and in our community.”

Sutton is from Eden. She taught in North Carolina school districts for two years, and in the North Tonawanda school districts for a year before coming to Forestville.

Sutton will teach 7th-, 9th-, 11th-, and 12th-grade math.

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