Forestville: Water solution was presented

Are we really certain Forestville residents do not want to be a part of a potential north county water district?

Once again, residents have come forward to complain about the quality of their water. “It doesn’t taste good, but the health department says it is drinkable,” said village Mayor Kevin Johnson.

That sounds reassuring, doesn’t it?

Water quality and reliability matters in a community. For this village, it fails both of those tests.

When asked back in 2008 to be a part of a regional solution – and since then – as part of a water district, the village balked.

Now residents are not only hit with a tax rate that has doubled, but they also are paying a very high price for water that stinks and tastes horrible.

Residents ready for a change need to speak up. If they do not, substandard service as well as poor water quality will continue.