Dredging one step closer in Hanover

HANOVER – The pieces are falling into place one at a time for the town of Hanover to dredge its boat launch channel in Cattaraugus Creek this summer.

At the recent Hanover Town Board meeting, Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo said he had just received the permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation to dredge.

“This morning, I received an email with the permit for dredging from the DEC,” he said. “But, we are only halfway there. We still need the Army Corps (of Engineers’) permit. Their comment period is up on Aug. 14. As soon as we get that permit we will be good to go.”

D’Angelo said he had an appointment in Mayville and was able to visit Barcelona on the way back to observe the dredging there. He called the process involving two barges and a tug boat, “impressive.” He said 2,000 yards of material is being dredged per day.

He explained it is planned that Hanover will be dredged after Westfield and then the equipment will go back to Dunkirk before returning to Ohio.

It is expected over 8,000 yards of material will be dredged in Hanover. The finer sand and silt will be dumped in Lake Erie off Sunset Bay and the coarser gravel will be transported 13 miles away to be dumped near Dunkirk.

Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro asked about progress with piggybacking on the bid for dredging. D’Angelo reported County Watershed Coordinator Dave McCoy spoke with Westfield Supervisor Martha Bills and is working with County Facilities Director George Spanos to get a contract prepared for the Chautauqua County Legislature to consider.

Each of the three municipalities is receiving $100,000 from the state and $70,000 from the county for the dredging projects.

D’Angelo also reported meeting with Federal Emergency Management Agency employees on areas affected by the storm in May. He said the issues are mainly washed out embankments on King Road and a destroyed ditch on Rider Road. He said he will present plans to fix the issues and mitigation measures to prevent future problems. D’Angelo hopes to get the projects done before the end of the year so the town will receive the reimbursements before the end of the fiscal year.

The board also approved a budget amendment for two 2014 tandem axle trucks for $271,262 and one plow frame for $18,454. Budget Officer Elmar Kiefer explained the trucks and plow were purchased months ago and were budgeted for; this is just an accounting formality recommended by the state comptroller. The amendments were approved.

The board will meet again on Aug. 25.