2014 Milliman family reunion held in Leon

The annual Milliman Reunion was held at Leon Fire Hall on Saturday, Aug. 9. Approximately 85 people attended and were served a delicious dinner in addition to the dishes each family brought. Guests attended from N.Y., Pa., Va., and Minn. Those coming the farthest were Arlene Wanderer, her husband Dieter and twin grandsons, Cooper and Lincoln from Stillwater, Minn. The youngest person present was Kenzie Horvath, daughter of Frank and Mindy Horvath of Cheektowaga. The response prizes were given to Louis and Lola Kinney, Lew and Connie Milliman, Steve and Jean Milliman, Robert Milliman and Leigh Fairweather.

Games were conducted for the children by Bev Milliman, including a sawdust pile money hunt. The highlight of the afternoon was a silent auction.

The marriage of Brenda Colvin and Randy Stankey was announced. The death of Beverly Milliman Shoemaker was announced. Lola and Lewis Kinney celebrated their 40th anniversary. Chuck and Beverly Milliman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. A lovely afternoon of conversation and picture sharing was enjoyed by all.

Next year’s reunion will be held on the second Saturday of Aug. with the exact site to be announced.