Pedal 4 Paws

Riders at the Pedal 4 Paws event are pictured left to right: George Sinclair, John Barclay, Bill Wilt, Bill Loftus, Bob Ehrheart, Tom Crane, Bill Abbott, Brad Russell and Rich Goodman. Recently members of Spoke Folk, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a healthier community one bike at a time, gathered with other bicyclists at the Lakeshore Humane Society’s Adoption Center at 431 East Chestnut St., Dunkirk for the first “Pedal 4 Paws” benefit ride. Many riders who participated are devoted animal guardians and some have given “forever homes” to rescued animals. Lakeshore Humane Society volunteers provided a lunch following the ride and conducted tours of the adoption center. Lakeshore Humane Society President Bob Ehrheart received a donation from Spoke Folk for the adoption center. Individual participants also made donations. The second “Pedal 4 Paws” is planned for the summer/fall of 2015. Organizers hopes to provide opportunities for riders to tour local areas of interest. It is hoped that the ride will become an annual event.