Scores show mixed results

State officials in the Education Department claim progress is being made in state assessment tests for math, but more work is needed with English Language Arts.

“Like more than 40 other states, we’re in a period of transition; for us, that transition began with the adoption of higher standards in 2010,” said state Education Commissioner John King. “We’ve invested millions of dollars in training to support educators to better prepare students for college and career success, and we will invest millions more in the years ahead.

Locally, county students saw mixed results. On Page A5 is a chart breaking down the area schools and the test scores for each grade.

On a countywide level, proficiency remains a problem. Students who score in Levels one and two are in need of improvement while those at levels 3 and 4 are seen as passing. Level 4 is high achievement.

Here are the passing margins for the county:

Grade 3 math – 37 percent.

Grade 4 math – 33 percent.

Grade 5 math – 28 percent.

Grade 6 math – 28 percent.

Grade 7 math – 24 percent.

Grade 8 math – 24 percent.

Grade 3 English – 24 percent.

Grade 4 English – 27 percent.

Grade 5 English – 22 percent.

Grade 6 English – 24 percent.

Grade 7 English – 23 percent.

Grade 8 English – 30 percent.