People’s Column

‘Wonders of nature’ visit us often


Knock, Knock, Knock

Yes, I heard a knock on my window.

I looked up and no one was there.

Again I heard the knock

This time it was two knocks.

I looked up to see

A red bird tapping on my window.

It flew away to the bush nearby.

This is not what a bird does, you must agree.

I am not sure but it could be

A cardinal calling me.

I tried to take a picture fast.

As his beauty could not be surpassed.

Today, He came again

He is so beautiful.

The beauty of nature caught my eye

One of God’s wonders that can fly.

God is so good.

Each day he sends me

Wonders of nature,

That remind me they are free.



Point Gratiot

needs attention


We recently had our family reunion at Point Gratiot. We had people from California, Tennessee, Florida and many other states.

They love the Point except for the beach. I was embarrassed for them to see it.

It has always been kept so nice and clean and it now looks awful. It looks like it has not been cleaned up from winter.

I have lived here all my life and have enjoyed the beach and park and have never seen the beach look so bad. If it is a case of no money, I am sure if the city asked for volunteers to help clean the beach, they would get it.

Come on Dunkirk, make our beach a place we can be proud of.