13,000 Bills fans tell Bon Jovi, ‘No thanks’

The founders of a Buffalo Bills fan group and fans attending the NFL franchise’s training camp Tuesday delivered 13,000 letters to the team, sending a clear message: Jon Bon Jovi is not welcome in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

“Every single one of these letters says the same thing: We will not support the Bills if Bon Jovi buys the team because we know he’s moving it to Toronto,” said Charles Pellien, co founder of Bills Fan Thunder, a group founded to unite fans in a fight to keep the team in Buffalo. “For Bon Jovi, this game is over and Bills fans have spoken: He is not welcome in Ralph Wilson Stadium and he needs to give up his bid for the team.”

And just in case the stale pop rocker is not in the mood to listen, Pellien directed a plea to other ownership groups: “We are also appealing to Donald Trump, the Pegula family and any other potential ownership group that has pledged to keep the Bills in Buffalo to please step up and outbid the Bon Jovi group. You have our solemn pledge that we, as fans, will back you 110 percent and help make this investment very profitable.”

Once the new Buffaloyal ownership group is in place, the Bills Fan Thunder founders said they will organize a series of “buycotts” to show their support – special online events where the 13,000-member group will be asked to buy team merchandise in the online store to show their appreciation. They also plan a pre-game event to show the new ownership group their enthusiasm and gratitude – what the downtrodden region has come to call “Buffalove.”

“Buffalo has taken it on the chin for decades and losing the Bills would be a knockout punch,” Pellien said. “The people of this region have learned to deeply appreciate and fervently support people, like the Wilson family, who stand up for Buffalo. Whoever buys the Bills, and keeps them here, will earn that gratitude and enthusiasm and Bills Fan Thunder will work to channel that “Buffalove” in many ways.”


BillsFanThunder.com was founded by die-hard Bills fans dedicated to organizing fellow fans to help keep the Bills in Buffalo. With the sale of Buffalo’s NFL team imminent, the four co-founders, who grew up in the shadow of Ralph Wilson Stadium, posted an online petition that exploded with 13,000 Bills fans who pledged to never support the team if it is moved.

When pop singer Jon Bon Jovi announced he wanted to buy the team and move it to Toronto, the group’s Bon Jovi Boycott was written up in Sports Illustrated, USAToday, New York Times and 300 other media outlets.