Seneca Nation bringing broadband technology to Cattaraugus Territory

CATTARAUGUS/ALLEGANY TERRITORIES – The Seneca Nation is ready to deliver broadband technology to the Cattaraugus Territory. Seneca Telecomm, working with RESOLUTE Partners, will be providing connectivity to Seneca households on the Cattaraugus Territory. The Nation has been working to bring a wireless network to its members, where no service was available, for many years.

“We are very happy to be able to provide our Seneca households with the connectivity that serves the world’s communication platform,” said Seneca Nation President Barry E. Snyder, Sr. “It’s been frustrating for our people not to have had access to this service for so long. However, we needed to plan out the best approach to build this network within the challenges of our geographic footprint.”

Project infrastructure, including new towers, is complete, and the Nation’s Information Technology (IT) Department has completed the new ISP circuit that will provide the additional bandwidth necessary to serve all of the households. Wi-Fi Services for Seneca customers has been developed, the basic service of 768kbps (speed) is offered at no cost to the user.

Seneca Telecomm selected RESOLUTE to design, build and support the new network because of the extensive wireless network experience they have had on military installations across the U.S. and where they have installed systems in locations with terrain similar to our lands.

Michael Blanco, RESOLUTE Partners CEO, is pleased his company was engaged to develop the proposal and implementation plan for the Seneca Telecomm network. “We look forward to working with Seneca Telecomm to bring the latest communications technologies to Seneca community families in this difficult to service rural area,” he said.

The new network includes strategically placed communications towers supporting a high capacity wireless backbone. The wireless backbone will deliver broadband Internet access to individual homes immediately as well as other services in the future. The equipment package includes an exterior antenna and an indoor gateway. The gateway allows customers to easily connect multiple wireless devices to the Internet and create a home network for smart phones, tablets, laptops and streaming video devices such as Apple TV and ROKU. The gateway also features a LAN port for ethernet cable connections.

Seneca Telecomm service technicians, two nation members, will install the customer equipment and support the residential side of the network. RESOLUTE engineers and tech help desk team will coordinate technical support, maintenance and repair while the RESOLUTE Call Center provides responsive customer care. To subscribe and schedule an install for the Wi-Fi capability please call the Nation Wi-Fi, Seneca Telecomm Customer Service- 1-888-322-7882, Seneca Telecom Network Technicians are ready to assist you.

Seneca Telecommunications, LLC (Seneca Telecomm) is a subsidiary of Seneca Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Seneca Nation of Indians, and offers a full range of domestic and international telecommunications and information technology support.