Dunkirk: Plenty of issues greet Rosas

By all indications, it appears the city Democratic Committee has made a solid choice to fill the seat vacated by former council member Stephanie Kiyak, who resigned earlier this month.

Willie Rosas received a majority of the 22 votes on Monday night, which led to his selection by the party. A retired state trooper and lifelong city resident, Rosas will find there is a lot on council’s plate.

“I want to make sure I’m up to date on all the issues and I’m aware of all the inner ongoings that I may not be aware of at this point,” he said.

Besides handling a budget that is $22 million and growing, the city is fast losing the momentum it had generated five years ago with development projects and initiatives that had brought some hope. In other words, the development department is still missing in action.

Though this corner did not always agree with Kiyak, especially when it came to slow action on the regional water district, we did appreciate her vocal nature. It was refreshing to hear in an age in Chautauqua County when few residents – and even fewer elected officials – question how governmental entities handle taxpayer pocketbooks.

We hope Rosas brings the same energy – and ability to question – to the table when he is approved next month.