Workshop on Common Core aids Brocton and Westfield schools

BROCTON – Brocton Central School teachers and students recently received a bit of help in understanding and implementing the state-mandated Common Core curriculum.

Superintendent John Hertlein, at a recent board of education meeting, reported that about a dozen Brocton teachers and students had participated in a three-day Thoughtful Education joint workshop with another dozen each from Westfield School and SUNY Fredonia.

“This event was grant-driven … and on the third day, our 12 people sat with me and we designed the in-service days for the rest of this year based on this Thoughtful Ed program, which is a series of concepts where teachers take the concept and then become creative in their own classrooms with designed lessons that would excite kids and teach kids,” Hertlein said. “It’s not a script where someone is telling you what to do; it’s a concept of how you move forward with that.”

Michelle Swanson, Brocton Teachers’ Association president, added the workshop aided in finding ways of implementing the Common Core that make it more interesting for students to learn, while at the same time assuring teachers that the curriculum’s standards are met in lesson plans.

Also during the meeting, a number of personnel appointments were made, including Lauren Ragan as grades 7-12 social studies teacher, Brittney Reed as K-12 physical education teacher and aquatic director and Michael Schultz as network technician for one year. Ragan and Reed will earn $36,499 per year.

Longtime teacher aide Ruth Klein’s resignation was accepted with regret.

The tentative collective bargaining agreement between the district and the Brocton Food Service Helpers Association Inc. was approved. The agreement covers the 2014-15 school year.

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