Happiness is contagious!

How many of you enter the sweepstakes? I have a story to tell you that I hope will make you laugh. I called my son to discuss making him the recipient of the million dollars a year for his lifetime after I’m gone. I trust him and his wife to use the money wisely. They know their needs and they know the needs of my grandchildren and we give to many worthwhile projects. He came up with this idea that had us in stitches.

You know how upset I was when the Supreme Court ruled a corporation is a person and therefore it can give as generously as it wants to whomever those in charge want. So Dan says let the person who receives a million dollars for life be a corporation and corporations never die! Just think, maybe Publishers Clearing House can get the law repealed! I like that. Of course, first I have to win it!

Here’s another thought I picked up. Have you ever heard an apple turn over?

I had another very nice thing happen to me. Josie Christopher brought me a beautiful handmade scarf. It is long and the color is a beautiful turquoise! I love it! It was made by Shirley Hedrick. I had to call her up and tell her how much I was wearing her shawl and enjoying every minute! She’s an amazing woman. She has made over 100 shawls! It seems a neighbor of hers belongs to the Circle of Love. She was knitting a shawl. Shirley thought it was a great idea and she loves to knit. Isn’t that great? Everything starts with an idea and then it takes people who will follow through to make things happen. I hope in telling this story, more people will get involved. We live in a great community. I like to think that the U.S. is a series of communities like ours and we can all get involved.

When I read the OBSERVER daily there are stories of students from toddlers to college students serving the needs of the people. Then of course there are organization and churches filling in where there are needs! I’m so proud of the caring people in our area!

Now I didn’t make this all up! I’m not looking at the world with rose colored glasses! They are real and there’s always room for more. What would happen if the people were cold, saw the needs, shrugged their shoulders and walked away? It could happen. There again we have choice. Making the right choice gives happiness, but making the wrong choice denies us the joy we could have had. Josie Christopher broke down the word “joy” for me. “J” stands for Jesus, “O” represents others, and “Y” stands for you. Isn’t that great? If we put others first and ourselves last it really pays off. And of course, Jesus was the greatest servant of all. What an example we have!

One of my new magazines listed “8 fatal food for seniors.” They are: 1.) fresh bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, 2.) shellfish served raw (usually served raw), 3. raw fish such as tuna tartare and some sushi, 4.) raw meat or poultry, like steak tartare, 5.) raw or unpasteurized milk or cheese, 6.) soft cheeses like feta, brie, and bleu cheese served at room temperature, 7. ) very lightly cooked eggs, or raw eggs in unbaked cookie dough or cake batter, or homemade eggnog or mayo, 8.) unpasteurized fruit or vegetable juice. These are exceptions. Most natural foods are very healthy foods!

Last night as I went to bed I decided I was going to do stretching to see if that would help my back. Next day, Dr. Roach said stretching was good for my back. Talk about perfect timing!

Keep happy – it’s contagious!