Farmers take center stage

Family-honored traditions of fresh farm foods took center stage at the 46th Annual Fredonia Farm Festival Friday.

People have been farming this land since the beginning of time, and the festival is acknowledgment of their hard work that makes all the difference. The event goes through Sunday night.

Roberto Fred, like many of his fellow farmers, has been coming to the Farm Festival since the 1990s.

“It has been very successful,” he said. “This helps our family farm. Our crops have been good this year.”

His grandparents started the farm in the ’90s, which is located on Temple Street.

Juicy tomatoes, ripe peaches, and fresh corn dominate the farmers market, but they aren’t the only things people love. They love the peppers, blueberries, and apples as well.

James Patterson has been working at the Feinen Farm for three years.

“We grow everything you could think of,” he said.

“It has been really good considering the weather conditions, and the rain killing our tomatoes. They need a little water, but with the heavy rains they haven’t had a chance.”

Patterson explained the farmers began keeping the seeds in the greenhouse starting in January, and moved them to the ground a few months later.

“I like coming down here,” he said about his two years helping out at the festival. “It gives me a break from regular farm work, and I get to deal with people.”

Despite the competition, all the farmers cooperate at these celebrations.

Jane Falcone specializes in 11 different kinds of apples at her family farm.

“Lots of families like to pick their own apples at our farm,” she said. “Everything at our stand comes fresh from our farm. We sell local honey, cheese and pumpkins too.”

Falcone Farms has been around since the 1920s and. is always successful at the Farm Festival.

“I wish I could come every week, but I am just a one-woman show,” Falcone said. “Our season is only eight weeks long since we grow apples.”

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