Brocton bumps school lunch prices up 5 cents

BROCTON – A small bump in school meal prices has gone into effect for the 2014-15 fiscal year at Brocton Central School.

The board of education recently approved a 5-cent increase for breakfast (new price of $1.50) and lunch in both the elementary school ($1.95) and the middle/high school ($2). Reduced-price meals remain at 25 cents each.

Superintendent John Hertlein explained the school district must continue to bump up meal prices for the next several years due to federal regulations over reimbursements for free lunches.

“The federal government pays us $2.64 for our free lunches, and they believe that people that don’t get free lunches ought to be paying $2.64 also, so they tell us that we have to raise it 2 percent, plus the cost of living, so that’s 3.46 percent, or the maximum you can go is 10 cents (per increase), but you have to keep creeping up,” Hertlein said.

He added Brocton tried applying for a grant that would have given every student free lunches, but the district did not meet the criteria to secure the money. That criteria included having at least 41 percent of children on the free lunch program and at least 41 percent receiving Medicaid, the latter of which Brocton does not have.

Also during the meeting, the board approved the creation of an extra-curricular after school elementary enrichment program for a trial period of one year, beginning with the 2014-15 school year, not to exceed a cost of $6,000.

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