Americans are not the priority


Barack Hussein Obama, pay attention!

You seem to feel that you are the president of the illegals in this country, rather than the true American citizens! Fort Hood was an act of terrorism by a Muslim fanatic. You and your “questionable” administration called it a “workplace act of violence.” What do you not understand about “Allah Akbar?”

An American Marine languishes for months in a Mexican prison because he took a wrong traffic turn. What have you done for him?

And what of the Christian populations of the Middle East? They are being unmercifully persecuted and killed. Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian? Certainly this country is! Your silence on this matter is deafening!

You evidently think you can get your way by crying “racism”. Grow up!

A word of advice, Mr. Obama. You have far more to fear from true American patriots than from the screaming mobs of illegals who demand rights to which they have no legal right. You cannot placate Muslim terrorists by refusing to call them terrorists.

Get your priorities straight, Mr. Obama! Americans, can’t we do better than this pitiful administration?