Collins town park struck by vandalism

COLLINS – Even municipalities are not safe from vandalism. The Collins Town Park has recently been subject to vandalism. This is the second time the park has been vandalized this summer.

According to Supervisor David Tessmer, sometime during the period of Aug. 1-4, vandals damaged a water fountain in the town park. The damage to the water fountain is so severe the fountain cannot be put back into the park until it’s fixed. The cost to repair the water fountain is estimated at about $1,700. This is not the first time the town has suffered vandalism this summer.

In May, a baseball dugout was broken into, various tools were stolen and obscenities were written on the field. Stakes marking the property boundary in the woods were also removed and damaged, in addition to park signs being shot at. The total amount of damage is about $2,600, according to Tessmer. New York State Police are investigating the two incidents.

“Keep your eyes open. We do intend to pursue whoever is doing this,” said Tessmer. “I’m tired of this … someone has got to see something.”

The town did discuss the possibility of installing security cameras in the town park to deter further vandalism or to catch those breaking the law. Tessmer encouraged any resident that sees suspicious activity in or around the town park to contact the state police.

Tessmer also spoke of minor damage at the Collins library. This damage was not caused by vandalism, however, but by cars driving on the sidewalk. According to Tessmer, vehicles have been driving on the sidewalk to get closer to the book drop box. One of the vehicles which was driven up on the sidewalk apparently was leaking some sort of fluid and damaged a number of etched bricks. Tessmer credited a town custodian for all his work in helping to restore the bricks. Tessmer reminded residents to not drive on the library sidewalks.

“Doug Martindale has spent hours scrubbing bricks,” Tessmer said.

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