Village keeps open mind on banking

BROCTON – With the Nov. 7 closing of Com-munity Bank approaching, Brocton officials are keeping an open mind as far as banking services for village business.

Brocton’s Mayor Dave Hazelton explained during a recent board of trustees meeting, “We’ve had a notification from Community Bank that they’re planning on closing on November 7. So far, we’ve had no success from reaching out to other banks. However, we are scheduled to meet with Community Bank on August 25 to hear options on some electronic services that would benefit the village if we stay with them.”

While the mayor added that he understands and agrees with the town of Portland’s position on moving their accounts, since the bank is moving out of the town, he doesn’t see the benefit of making the village order new checks or providing new signatures at this point.

“If another institution decided to come in, then absolutely I would say ‘let’s do it’ at that point,” added the mayor.

In other matters, the board heard report from Code Enforcement Officer Alan Gustafson, who is winding down spring and summer property items. Gustafson is still continuing to update communications for residents on frequently asked-about issues and is currently drafting a handout on barns and sheds.

A court date for the beginning of September was announced by Gustafson, concerning the property located at 10 E. Main St. in the village and he also discussed with the trustees a grass cutting issue with a property at 10 Fay St. The Fay Street property, which has been vacated, has high grass and Gustafson has been working on securing a contractor to take the grass down on behalf of the village. After speaking with county officials, Gustafson learned that the property owner would be financially responsible for the care and cost of maintenance of the property and that if the owner decided to pay the remaining tax lien on the property, it could be reclaimed.

The mayor advised Gustafson to try to reach the owner and inquire if they plan to maintain the property, and if not, the village would need to, as well as to advise the owner about their legal standing with the tax situation.

The board resolved Wednesday to write off a five-year debt for water service for a customer that is no longer in the area. The approximately $2,700 bill was discussed by the board as to whether a tax lien could be placed since the service was provided to a customer outside of the village limits.

Attorney for the village, Sam Drayo, clarified that since the service address was outside of the village limits, a summons would have to be issued to the customer’s current address, followed by a court order. Assuming that it was unlikely that the customer could be located, the board resolved to write the debt off of the village books.

A resolution was adopted Wednesday to enter into contract with Raynor Construction for roof repairs to the Brocton Fire Hall on Lake Avenue. Originally contracted by Norton Brothers Roofing, the mayor noted that the project would require the second bidder to complete the work, not to exceed $36,070.

Trustees also thanked community member Nathan Wright for spotting a decaying tree needing attention at Ryckman Park in the village. Electrical lineman Joe Majkowski received an email from Wright, an arborist by trade, indicating that the tree was infected with a fatal fungus. Majkowski inspected the tree himself and notified David Spann, of Land Management Services, who is currently managing timbering for the village watershed property.

A Project Clean Up application was submitted to the trustees for reimbursement, which the board acted on and resolved to pay out the matching $500 reimbursement. Project Clean Up in Brocton is a matching fund reimbursement program, which is funded out of trustees’ salaries and aims to recognize residents whom are taking an active lead in enhancing the exterior of their village homes. Reimbursement applications are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis by the village and documented and itemized proof of renovations are turned in with each application.

The board will hold its next meeting on Sept. 3 at 7 p.m.