Silver Creek capital project on schedule

SILVER CREEK – With school starting next week, the capital project is on track for completion. Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich gave the Silver Creek Board of Education an update Wednesday night.

The project will be mostly completed for the return of students on Sept. 3. The two items that will not be completed will be the district office and the high school/middle school bus loop. The district office does not impact students’ learning, Ljiljanich said, and will be completed at the end of September or early October.

The bus loop will be completed within the first week of school. The district had to choose whether to complete the pathways behind the elementary school or the bus loop for the start of school. To provide the least distraction to students, the pathway was chosen, Ljiljanich said.

“We didn’t want the pathway work to be done while our elementary students were back in session. We felt that it would cause too much of a disturbance … We decided to do the back work first,” he said.

Other work that still needs to be completed will include work to the exterior windows. All the windows are installed but require additional work. All work around the windows will take place after school has been released during second shift hours, Ljiljanich said.

The school board also approved the tax warrant for the 2014-2015 school year. According to Business Administrator Cindy Mackowiak, the equalization rate decreased in both the towns of Sheridan and Hanover. In Hanover, the rate dropped one percent to 97 percent and in Sheridan decreased from 70 to 65.5 percent. The tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value in Hanover increased from $17.97 to $18.04 and from $25.15 to $26.72 in Sheridan.

The district also accepted, with regret, the resignation of network technician and assistant track coach Michael Schultz and appointed Trina West to a long-term substitute position. Jessica Huff was appointed to a .5 FTE family and consumer science teacher, Krista Bialasik was appointed as an AIS math teacher and Jennifer Johnson was appointed as a registered nurse.

The board of education also approved the elimination of the French Club and Gifted and Talented Club due to low student enrollment and the district no longer offering French. The board approved the creation of the Quest Club, a hiking-related club, and the Chess Club.

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