Portland unveils new website

BROCTON – Residents in the town of Portland have a new center of information to reference with the creation of the town’s new website.

During last Wednesday’s Portland Town Council meeting, Councilman Al Valentin announced that the new website, administered by Digital Towpath, is up and running and accessible on the web.

“The new website is up and running and any information can be added, we just have to gather the ideas of what needs to be put up. There are certain sections of the website that the public can have input, too. As of today, the old website is gone from search options on the web, and we want to use this site to inform the public of what we’re doing and what’s going on,” stated Valentin.

The council members thanked Valentin for his work in getting a new site up and running.

Roxane Sobecki, Portland town clerk, added that businesses and organizations will be able to have their information listed on the site as well.

“When you search ‘Portland, N.Y.’ the new site address comes up and it’s ready to use now. It’s very flexible and we can do whatever we need it to do for the town. We’re able to make this a major source of information for town residents, businesses and organizations,” added Valentin.

The site address, portlandny.org, allows a web user access to view town department information, office hours of operation, emergency reporting procedures and even detailed informational links to sources such as tax and assessment rolls.

Weather data is listed from Brocton and the town’s major event in August, the Darren Manzella-Lapeira Memorial Run and Fun Walk, is currently listed as a news crawl on the website and more information will be added throughout the year to the town’s web calendar.